Puebla Group supports Caricom request on Summit | News


The Puebla Group expressed this Sunday through an official statement its support for the request issued by the Caribbean Community (Caricom) that Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua attend the Summit of the Americas.


Caricom warns that it would not go to the Summit of the Americas if there are exclusions

Said organization described as worthy the position of the Caribbean community expressed by the ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda in the United States (USA), Ronald Sanders on the participation of the members of the community in the appointment that will take place in June 2022.

“In times of international political difficulties, as a result of the Ukrainian crisis and with the search for ways of international cooperation appearing on the agenda of the meeting to overcome the profound social impact caused by the pandemic, it makes no sense to leave out countries that are seeing and suffering this reality”, expressed the manifesto.

On the other hand, the Puebla Group urged the countries of the region governed by progressive projects to agree on the gesture of solidarity expressed by the Caribbean countries.

“We do not want the division of Latin America and the Caribbean, much less that it be formalized in a selective Summit managed by the United States,” the confederation valued in its official letter.

Antigua and Barbuda’s ambassador to the United States, Ronald Sanders, stated last week that the Caricom countries would consider absenting themselves from the Summit of the Americas if Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua do not participate.

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