PSG falls to Clermont in the last game between Leo Messi and Sergio Ramos

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He Paris Saint-Germain He was unable to make up a soulless season this Saturday, he lost in his last game 2-3 at the Parc des Princes, against Clermont, and signed a sad farewell to the season and to two emblematic footballers: Leo Messi and Sergio Ramos.

Not even the Parisian team, which finished the course with just one point ahead of second place, Lille, gave themselves a festive afternoon. To say goodbye with honors to players who have completed a cycle and to celebrate the conquest of a title that, due to the fact that it is common, because it is a custom, does not have the slightest recognition from the stands.

On the contrary, the setback against Clermont, an unpretentious team, gave the champions the seventh defeat of the season. Enthusiasm was enough for the visitors who, although they missed a penalty, came back from 0-2 down to leave the Parque de los Príncipes with the three points.

There were whistles and boos for Messi, who had no affection. There was recognition and warmth for Sergio Rico, the goalkeeper in serious condition due to an accident with a horse.

And on the pitch the duel was as expected between two teams with nothing at stake; a champion and another located in the middle of the general table.

It lacked tension, the risk of the points at stake. And he revealed the lack of intensity, especially in defense. But not even PSG took advantage of the situation to reconcile with the fans, who showed coldness at times and discontent at others, with some players, such as Messi.

Sergio Ramos the one who opened the scoring at minute 16 right in Rico's number. The public took the opportunity to chant the name of the Spaniard and celebrated the timely goal from Ramos, another who was saying goodbye. He went with a header, in a shot after a cross from Vitinha at the three-quarter line.

The second goal was next. Three minutes later, when Alidu Seidu fouled inside the box and committed a penalty. he transformed it kylian mbappe which raised his scoring record for the season to twenty-nine.

Until then the Parisian domain lasted that fell asleep. It was the great opportunity for Clermont, which has plenty of enthusiasm. In an error, a gift from Marco Verratti when he gave the ball to Gianluigi Donnaruma. he saw it John Gastien who scored the first visitor and closed the gap.

PSG did not wake up, as they were saved from the tie when a handball by Warren Zaire Emery was sanctioned with a penalty. executed it Grejohn Kyei which he threw out.

The chances accumulated for Clermont who were also able to equalize later, in an action that Elbasan Rashani started towards Muhammed Cham who pardoned the tie.

But he was right in added time in the first half and sealed the balance. Neto Borges received the ball on the left wing and crossed. Donnarumma did not catch the ball and let it loose. The Algerian Mehdi Zeffane took advantage of it, making it 2-2.

It was the well-deserved award for the visitor's drive, more motivated than Paris Saint Germain for whom the game was long.

Clermont did not slow down and further darkened the Parisian scene when, at game time, they signed the third when Grejohn Kyei, with the thigh, he beat Donnarumma again after Elbasan Rashani's cross from the left.

(With information from EFE)

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