PSG communicates its ultimatum to Kylian Mbappé

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He Paris Saint-Germain sent a series of strong reproaches to his star player, kylian mbappein a letter that includes his ultimatum, the July 31stto solve the current conflict between both parties.

In the letter, which is dated last Monday, three pages and quite harsh in tone, PSG reproaches the footballer for “enormous harm” and the "damage caused" to the club for announcing in public his desire not to renew his contract and leave the entity within a year, when his relationship ends, reports L'Equipe.

The letter proposes to organize a meeting to try to find the best possible solution, in reference to a renewal of the contract or a transfer, and avoid "a paralysis of the club." In addition, the date of July 31 is advanced as the limit to make any decision.

He ensures that the strong economic investments of PSG in the renewal of Mbappé, closed in May 2022 for two seasons plus an optional one, "can only be registered within the framework of a future transfer (with an obligation to purchase) or continuity beyond the June 30, 2024, as agreed."

This letter from PSG comes after the one that Mbappé sent last June to formalize in writing his verbal communication that he does not want to continue at PSG after June 30, 2024, rejecting the optional season, which without a renewal in between means he would go free.

PSG also reproaches its star for his "lack of sincerity" for criticism of the transfers made by the club a year ago, when the entity tried to strengthen the squad to please its most valued player in order to convince him to continue in a competitive team at European level.

It is true that we had also discussed a very ambitious recruitment, and that we have only been able to do so partially due to market conditions and French and European regulatory constraints.

"There were circumstances completely out of our control" despite the fact that "we have tried to respond to their demands," stresses PSG.

The president of PSG, Nasser al-Khelaificlearly stated this Wednesday: "we cannot let the best player in the world leave for free", in a statement to the press during the presentation of Luis Enrique Martínez as the club's new coach.

On the player's desire to fulfill his contract and play next season at PSG, Al Khelaifi remarked:

If Kylian wants to stay, we want him to continue, but to sign a new contract.

(With information from EFE)

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