PSG announces the departure of Lionel Messi: "The adventure comes to an end"

Messi in his last training session with PSG.

Photo: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images

“After two seasons in the French capital, the adventure of Leo Messi with the Paris Saint-Germain It will come to an end at the end of the 2022-23 campaign", as announced this Saturday by the psg the non-continuity of the Argentine attacker in a statement published on his website.

“The club extends its warmest thanks to the seven-time winner of the Golden Ball, who also raised a Champions Trophy and two titles of flirt 1 with the club”, adds the letter in which an open secret is confirmed. He psg announced yesterday Friday the departure of the Spanish defender Sergio Ramoswho was in the same situation as Rosario, since both ended their contract on June 30.

Despite conversations with the institution, Messi could not reach an agreement, in part, due to the already deteriorated relationship that had its turning point with that episode of "rebellion" when the South American traveled to Saudi Arabia without permission and then had to make a public apology.

Confirmation of departure 'The flea' comes after several months of rumors and after a statement from the coach Christopher Galtier in the last press conference, when he assured that this Saturday before the clermont it would be their last meeting. A few words that he later psg He tried to qualify by assuring that the DT had expressed himself badly.

After his arrival in 2021; two seasons; 74 games; 32 goals and 35 assists later, Lionel Messi end your stay in France, in which he also won three titles, a Golden Ball and was crowned champion Qatar World Cup 2022 with the Argentina selection.

This season he has scored 16 goals in 31 games and served 16 assists, falling two short of his compatriot's record angel di maria (18), but hours after playing his last game in the league 1where you could increase your records.

the future of Messi will be one of the novels of the market, because the Argentine offers are not lacking and the FC Barcelona he would be the main one interested in having him back in his ranks. Even the coach Xavi Hernandez recently declared that in a matter of a week they would have news.

The South American also sounds for the MLS Inter Miamibut another destination that has been narrowing linked to 'The flea' is the league of Saudi Arabia, country with which it has trade links. An offer of about $200 million from the al hilal It would be another option on the table.

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