Protests in Kenya cause at least seven deaths | News

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In Kenya, the day before, at least seven people died during protests called by the opposition leader, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, against the increase in taxes on basic products and fuel.


Kenya accuses opposition leader of trying to overthrow the president

The Kenyan Minister of the Interior, Kithure Kindiki, did not confirm the number of deaths; but he asserted this Thursday, through a statement, that the "violent" protests left "dead and injured civilians and security agents; in addition to the interruption of many businesses and the destruction of public and private property."

Likewise, Kindiki specified that the security agents arrested at least 312 people, including a deputy.

On the other hand, the president of the Kenya National Human Rights Commission (KNCHR), Roseline Odede, lamented "that we are witnessing the return of a police state where the Police brutally treat peaceful and unarmed Kenyans who exercised their freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution".

Odede further confirmed that to disperse the protesters the security forces used both live ammunition and tear gas. In this sense, it was learned that one of the deceased was a man who was shot by the agents for having burned the national flag pole.

Some protesters vandalized supermarkets and erected barricades. The main scenes of the protests are Nairobi (capital) and several surrounding towns, as well as Mombasa (south), Kisumu (west) and Kiisi (west).

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga assured during the day that "the nationwide protests are a clear message to the regime of (President William) Ruto", that "Kenyans are tired" and that "no one will move until Ruto shows willingness to listen and respect the Kenyan people".

So far in 2023, Odinga has called several protests against the president, whom he accuses of having manipulated the results of the elections held last August; even when the Supreme Court rejected his appeal against those elections.

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