Protests in Haiti against insecurity leave one dead | News


Several thousand people demonstrated peacefully this Tuesday in the Haitian capital against the resurgence of kidnappings and against Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who is seen by protesters as incompetent to guarantee the population’s safety from gangs.


Haitian schools close due to increase in violence

During the tour of the capital, guarded by a large police force, the crowd chanted slogans hostile to the Henry government and the police, accused of being passive in the face of armed gangs, for more than three hours.

In Les Cayes, Haiti’s third largest city, a group of anti-insecurity protesters invaded the airport runway at noon Tuesday, the turnout of which has increased considerably since June, when gangs took control of the only road connecting the southern half of Haiti, where Les Cayes is located, to the capital Port-au-Prince.

That irruption left one dead and several wounded by bullets, considerable material damage, including a small plane on fire.

The protesters denounce the inaccessibility, for several months, of national route #2, south of the capital, Port-au-Prince, due to the armed gangs that sow terror there.

The authorities of the Henry Government are powerless to thwart the criminal acts of armed gangs, which continue to have serious consequences on economic activities in part of the West department, in the South-East, South, Grande Anse and Nippes departments (southwest of Haiti). ).

Haiti has been, for months, under the rule of gangs whose rule has extended far beyond the poor neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince.

At the end of the afternoon, the Haitian Prime Minister deplored these acts of vandalism without mentioning the deceased: “I strongly condemn the violence of the protesters that resulted in the burning of an airplane at the Les Cayes airport,” Ariel Henry said on Twitter. .

“I have instructed the public powers to launch public actions against the authors of these subversive acts so that they are severely punished,” added the head of government.

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