Protests continue in Panama awaiting the Supreme Court's ruling | News

Protests continue in Panama awaiting the Supreme Court's ruling |
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The protests rejecting Law 406, which grants Minera Panama a permit to exploit copper for 20 years, continue in the Central American country pending the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) on a claim of unconstitutionality of said law.


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This law allows the branch company of the Canadian First Quantum Minerals to exploit the largest open pit copper mine in Central America, with a contract that gives it the possibility of remaining in operation until the useful life of the mine ends.

This week is vital for Law 406 to be revoked, since the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama (CSJ) must rule on the claims of unconstitutionality presented against this law, this November 22 and 23 the period for arguments must end for two of the ten demands.

During this last month, the protesters have expressed their will through different actions, including the closure of streets and avenues, which has led to the arrest of at least 151 minors.

The National Police of Panama declared that during the last month of protests a total of 1,157 people have been arrested with the purpose of maintaining public order and stopping the wave of vandalism.

According to the police agency, 63 commercial premises have been damaged and 19 institutions, most of them government offices, have been damaged. 28 video surveillance cameras, Metro stations and ATMs, as well as 5 police stations, have also been vandalized.

The main reason for these protests is that the mine is located in a biological sanctuary and is the connection of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, a road that facilitates the transit from Panama to Mexico of animals such as the puma, ocelots and different kinds of birds, many of them protected or in danger of extinction.

In addition, the swift approval by the president of Panama, Nito Cortizo, raised many suspicions since in just three days he ratified the mining company's agreement with his signature.

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