Protest in Mexico City Demands Justice for the Death of Ociel Baena and his Partner[node:title]

Protest in Mexico City Demands Justice for the Death of
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On a night full of emotions and demands for justice, members of the LGBT community gathered at a renowned monument in Mexico City to protest against what they consider a deficient investigation into the death of Judge Ociel Baena and his partner, Dorian. Herrera.

Defying the official version that classifies the incident as a crime of passion, participants from various sectors of the LGBT community - lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite, transgender, transsexual, intersex and queer - united in an urgent call for a deeper investigation and transparent.

Alina Pérez, one of the attendees, expressed movingly: "It is very difficult to ensure what must have happened. We are all here to demand justice and to stop attacking the people of our community. Ociel was a symbol of struggle and improvement, reaching positions of power despite their open gender expression. It represented a lot to us."

During the demonstration, several speakers honored the memory of Ociel and Dorian, and demanded that the Attorney General's Office take charge of the investigation. Under the cry of "Crime of Passion, National Lie!", the protesters began a march along Paseo de la Reforma towards the capital's Zócalo.

However, the night also witnessed moments of tension. A group of approximately 30 people, who were marching at the end of the contingent, caused damage and painted street furniture and metrobus stops. The protests spread to the facade of the National Palace, where after shouting slogans through a megaphone, the group gradually dispersed.

The death of Ociel Baena and his partner, Dorian Herrera, has unleashed a wave of outrage and pain, highlighting the vulnerability and challenges faced by the LGBT community in Mexico. This protest not only seeks justice, but also to make visible the ongoing fight for the recognition and safety of people of all identities and sexual orientations.

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