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Dozens of people demonstrated this Friday in El Salvador demanding that the president of that nation, Nayib Bukele, present a pension reform as soon as possible, local media reported.


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Under slogans such as "Fair pensions for the working classes" they met in the Salvador del Mundo square in San Salvador and went to the Presidential House trade unionists, teachers, former war veterans, and workers from various fields.

Despite the fact that the group was already quite large, the police did not allow the passage of another group of people who were going to join the demonstration, which caused the protagonists of the protest to block the road that they had occupied, which leads to the capital San Salvador.

It also happened that agents from the Police Order Maintenance Unit (UMO) blocked access to the Presidential House, preventing the protesters from reaching their destination, however they allowed six people to advance to deliver the document with the demands .

In addition to the need for retired workers to improve their standard of living, the demands against Bukele are based on the fact that in his electoral campaign he promised a pension reform that he has not fulfilled.

On September 15, 2021, Bukele said that in a month he would send a proposal for pension reform, and on October 15 he postponed the legislation again, alleging that he needed a few more weeks.

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