Prosecutor Gertz appears before Jucopo; it was a serious and respectful exercise, says Ricardo Monreal

Mexico.- In a plural exercise, in which issues of national interest and social importance were addressed, this Thursday the head of the Attorney General’s Office, Alejandro Gertz Manero, appeared before the Political Coordination Board and the Board of Directors of the Justice Commission, chaired by Senators Ricardo Monreal Ávila and Rafael Espino de la Peña.

Monreal Ávila stressed that it was a serious, respectful and high-level exercise, where the positions of the Parliamentary Groups represented in the Senate were expressed and in which the Attorney General of the Republic gave specific answers to the questions raised.

At the end of the meeting, the senator assured, in an interview, that Gertz Manero has the support of all the parliamentary groups represented in the Senate, without exception, because “there is confidence in the Prosecutor and in justice.”

He announced that the head of the FGR did not evade any of the questions that were made to him. “The senators and the senators were energetic, with direct questions, respectful, but firm.”

In addition, all topics of interest to public opinion were discussed: telephone espionage, the factors that affect violence, delays in investigations, the Ayotzinapa case, the recently recorded event in Michoacán or the actions of organized crime in different states of the country.

“Regarding telephone espionage, he commented that there was already an investigation, that an investigation file had been started for almost a week and a half, and that it was very advanced,” to define whether it corresponded to public or private espionage.

The legislator revealed that the Prosecutor promised, before the senators of all the Parliamentary Groups, to respect the resolution of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, which “draws him as a statesman”, so there would be no action by you to change such determination.

Monreal Ávila reported that the work carried out by public ministries and the Prosecutor’s Office, as a whole, was also addressed. “That is to say, it was a high-level, respectful meeting, I repeat, although they were very serious, very firm questions; the level of dialogue and punctual response was never lost”.

He also announced that they promised to meet more frequently, so they will establish a calendar to carry out this plural and inclusive exercise.

The president of the Political Coordination Board assured that all parliamentary groups, without exception, endorsed their trust in the head of the Prosecutor’s Office. “There is confidence in the Prosecutor and in justice.”

With information from the Senate

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