Prosecutor Daniel Hernández denounced Benedetti for aggravated insult

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Prosecutor Hernández filed his complaint for the crime of aggravated insult against the former ambassador in Venezuela on September 26 - credit Colprensa

As had been anticipated, finally the prosecutor delegated to the Superior Court of Bogotá Daniel Hernández denounced, on September 26, the former ambassador to Venezuela Armando Benedetti for the crime of aggravated insult, after the former senator called him on September 21, at leaving a proceeding before the Investigative Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, “bandit.”

In filing the complaint against Benedetti, prosecutor Hernández asked the office to convene a conciliation hearing for the former ambassador to retract “his false allegations against me or, otherwise, to allow the exercise of the action.” criminal against him.” He also asked to be summoned to expand his complaint.

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In the document, which was published by W Radioprosecutor Hernández listed the three occasions on which Benedetti, upon leaving the Investigative Chamber of the Supreme Court, called him a bandit.

“There is an alleged person who had told some of my stories, but had never testified against me. The only thing there are are two statements where he says that they were going to help him with a principle of opportunity and they did not do so because he did not speak ill of Benedetti. Later, in November 2017, he says that Daniel Hernández and prosecutor Parada, we are talking about the bandit Hernández who went to tell him to speak badly against me," is the first quote from Benedetti that prosecutor Hernández reviews in his complaint.

The second quote that prosecutor Hernández makes is the following:

“Question: “Daniel Hernándes worked with Néstor Humberto Martínez. Answer: “Isn't that bandit still working? He is a complete bandit, I denounced him as a bandit.

The third and last quote that prosecutor Hernández de Benedetti makes is when he says: “Burgos himself, who is a witness, says (sic) November 2, 2017. From prison, Burgos says, he was here, That was a Monday, Friday and Saturday night the bandit, Daniel Hernández's rat, and also the prosecutor Parada, were there, telling him that if he spoke well of me, they would get him out of jail, which they couldn't because he was sentenced to 23 years.”

The former ambassador to Venezuela, on September 21, called on several occasions "bandit" to prosecutor Hernández, which led to the complaint for defamation - credit Colprensa
The former ambassador to Venezuela, on September 21, called prosecutor Hernández a "bandit" on several occasions, which led to the complaint for insult - credit Colprensa

Prosecutor Hernández argues that Benedetti's statements to the media on September 21 attack his rights "to honor and good name, with the sole purpose of affecting my moral integrity and continuing to deceive the administration of justice."

“According to Benedeetti Villaneda, the investigations against him, in the Fiduprevisora ​​case, are based on acts carried out on my part and against witnesses, who, according to him, I pressured to testify against him — or in favor, of according to the version presented by him on September 21—. His intervention is so rude that it does not make clear what my intention or use in it would have been,” reads the complaint published by W Radio

Regarding the complaint against him that Benedetti filed and that the former ambassador brought up in his statements, prosecutor Hernández warns that it was filed on January 29, 2019 by the First Delegate Prosecutor's Office before the Supreme Court of Justice and that in this decision “Copies were certified before the Supreme Court of Justice so that the actions of Mr. Benedetti Villaneda could be investigated in relation to the false complaint that he filed against me and whose spurious content he reiterated in his speech on September 21 of this year. This fact demonstrates the interest of Mr. Benedetti Villaneda in generating lies and deceptions before society, foisting illegal acts on me, in order to attack me morally and continue deceiving the administration of justice."

The former ambassador, at the close of this note, has not commented on the complaint and his last publication on social networks about this is from September 22:

“Did Daniel Hernández's bandit already denounce me? I'm waiting for it. Let me know”

This is the last publication of the former senator related to prosecutor Hernández - credit @AABenedetti/X
This is the last publication of the former senator related to prosecutor Hernández - credit @AABenedetti/X

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