Promising does not impoverish… 2023/10/01

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There is no greater fraud than a broken promise..

N. Machiavelli

In May 2012, Andrés Manuel López Obrador participated in a debate in which he presented 20 government proposals in which he offered to increase GDP 6% annually, fight corruption, support single mothers, universal health care, improve educational quality and, above all, “honesty as a lifestyle and form of government.” In 2018, it again made a series of 100 commitments that included preserving children's homes, promoting scientific and technological research, supporting those affected by the earthquakes, guaranteeing free care and medicines, not increasing public debt, reducing 50% of publicity. government, make government purchases and contracts transparently, respect the rule of law and the Constitution, open the doors of the official residence to whoever requests it, do not spy on opponents, promote alternative sources of energy, resolve the Ayotzinapa issue, guaranteeing the free expression of ideas and freedom of the press, and eighty other commitments.

I have thought it necessary to review once again what the President offered, both what he did in 2012 and what he reiterated at the beginning of his mandate, because since 2012 many of us think that "promising does not impoverish us", we knew that words were carries the wind and that the speaker was a danger to Mexico; Today we are in the final stretch of his government and we realize that the commitments he presented were fantasies that not even he himself believed; and today, almost on the verge of leaving the Presidency, every night, when he finishes his work, no matter how much he tries to be optimistic, he cannot hide that he failed, that in these years in which he blamed the previous governments again and again he could not achieve even a tenth of what he set out to do; His increasingly belligerent and erratic attitude is partly due to his disappointment in the face of unconcealable reality, because he knows well that his intended Fourth Transformation will die with him.

“Promising does not impoverish”, with his offers he captivated millions of Mexicans, and those promises contributed to his victory in the elections, but today they see reality and that is why every day there are more disenchanted people, regretful for having believed in him and angry because Today they are experiencing something they never imagined: the country plunged into insecurity, entire states in the hands of criminals and drug traffickers, and shortages that seriously affect their families; growing poverty at all levels; In health alone, today Mexicans spend almost 40% of their income for consultations or medications.

That is why it is more urgent today than ever for all Mexicans to participate in the reconstruction of our country; When I say everyone it is because I believe that everyone is interested in the future of our families and our children; It is urgent that the Broad Front for Mexico give clear signals of what it is doing to have a government program that is viable, that is attractive to citizens and encourages them to vote to reverse the damage caused in these five years.

The task is not easy, but it is essential that we Mexicans know what the Front does, what plans it has, what real proposals it has to face all the challenges that our country faces; It is stimulating to see that the pre-candidate Xóchitl Gálvez is increasingly integrated into work projects with the participation of members of the parties and civil society.

We live in difficult times, we have already lived them before and we get ahead; The challenges are formidable, but even more so is our determination and our love for Mexico; You, dear reader, like millions of Mexicans, will vote convinced that it is possible.

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