Project on justice for victims of femicide in Bolivia approved | News


Bolivian deputies approved on Thursday a bill that modifies some aspects of the Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code and the Criminal Enforcement and Supervision Code, in order to guarantee transparent justice for victims of femicide, infanticide and rape, by toughening penalties for judges or prosecutors who favor defendants in these events.


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The legislative proposal proposes to extend the sentence of deprivation of liberty, up to 20 years, for judges or prosecutors who dictate arbitrary resolutions to the Constitution by benefiting the authors of the aforementioned crimes.

The bill establishes modifications to article 231 so that those accused of femicide, infanticide and rape cannot have the privilege of other precautionary measures other than preventive detention.

For her part, the president of the Plural Justice Commission, Public Ministry and Legal Defense of the State, Lidia Tupa, stated that “we cannot remain indifferent to these events that have caused mourning and pain in Bolivian families.”

“In attention to the victims and their families, we proposed this project to restore their dignity. The purpose is not only to harden the penalties so that other judges or prosecutors do not dare to commit these crimes. We are also going to prevent feminicides, infanticides and rapists from being free on the streets, ”she emphasized.

This proposal arises to resolve the situations presented as the case of the femicide Richard Choque, who was protected by the former judge Rafael Alcón and other officials.

The Women’s Circle organization denounced some 108 femicides that occurred in Bolivia during 2021, as well as 46,774 crimes registered within the framework of Law 348, to guarantee a life free of violence against women.

Last February, the Minister of the Presidency, María Nela Prada, reported that, until that moment, they registered that 135 people did not serve their sentence for crimes alluding to rape and feminicide.

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