Producer of the program ‘Hoy’ denies Gomita after leaving dance reality: “I had a salary”


Andrea Rodríguez and Andrea Escalona / Gomita.

Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente

After gummy bear will reveal that he left the reality show ‘The Stars Dance Today‘ due to health problems and mistreatment of the production, andrea rodriguez Y Andrea Escalona They defended themselves against the strong accusations, assuring that the sexy little clown left the job thrown away.

During an interview with the journalist Eden Dorantes, the producer of the program ‘Hoy’ shared her opinion on the way in which Aracely Ordaz he left the project because he sent him a letter confirming his resignation; However, she was surprised by the published video in which she claimed she was being pressured to dance more days than agreed, which caused her to have an anxiety crisis.

“She sent me a very respectful letter, then I don’t know what happened And the story is that simple. Everyone who is sentenced has to dance on Fridays, if they don’t have the choreography, this has happened to many and in the end they have always had to do it because this is a reality show and how am I going to explain to the public and to the participants that some do and some don’t,” he explained.

Given the remarks of the also driver, in which she assured that they were not paying her and warned her that she would only get a “projection” with her participation, the sister of the deceased Magda Rodriguez denied this information.

“Of course she had a salary, but she says that she is not going to get paid, because then she will no longer be paid“, he added.

He also clarified that he never wanted to be rude when telling Gomita that he was going to “get her out of the hair” wherever she was, as it is a way of referring affectionately.

“It’s a way that I use it very jokingly, and it wasn’t that day, I told him: ‘Gomita, I don’t want you to be depressed, I want you to be at home‘. And I use it as a joke: ‘Come on baby, otherwise I’m going to have to go get you out of your house‘. It’s a joke, but people take things out of context and in the end I wish him a lot of light and that he does very well, “she explained.

For its part, Andrea Escalona He also expressed his opinion, assuring that the influencer did not take advantage of the opportunity they gave her, because they opened the doors of the most successful program and company, but all she did was “give up work“.

“It was bad milk how he told it, the only thing we had with Gomita, not only Andrea, but all of the production was the great opportunity to show the hard-working girlentrepreneur who dances, who strives that at the end of the day he could not prove it“.

He pointed out that the only one who was exposed was Gomita when making a video in which she was “cold and haughty” which seems incongruous to her, but she still wished her all the luck in the world.

Andrea Rodríguez revealed that she is preparing many surprises with this same dance reality show that has become one of the most successful and that they are even preparing a new season called ‘Champion of Champions’ that will bring together the best participants of each season, those who were left on the road and those who will seek an opportunity to be part of it.

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