Producer Eréndira Núñez makes a family within the industry

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She is barely over 30 years old, but the expression on her face when talking about her passion for producing reflects that emotion and dreams that Eréndira Núnez began to feel from the age of 11, when she thought about being part of the film industry.

Over time, things began to fall into place: her father told her that he did not see her as an actress, but as a producer, while she grew up being friends with Martha Sosa's daughter—executive producer of Dog Loves— and whom he recognizes as “his guru.” Now, Eréndira is part of that new generation of women who are anchored in the film industry where her presence represents a change.

Curiously, those who opened the door to this world for me and who have supported me from the beginning have been women, women that I admire and adore like Martha Sosa, Tita Lombardo, who was the online producer of my first shoot, in short, they, I feel who had a firm step, much stronger than mine and thanks to them these doors opened.

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Now together we are doing, well, a lot of work in our industry and I think that there are more and more female producers and more directors, more photographers... at the Arieles the quantity and strength we had was impressive. But I no longer like to talk so much about what it was like as a woman to enter the industry, because I feel that it is a bit like going backwards and no, rather it is a fact that we are here and that we are not going anywhere. and that, of course, there are moments where there are certain differences, but the idea is to end them and maintain them,” Nuñez shared in a Zoom interview with Excelsior.

Today Eréndira can say that on her resume there are tapes like open air —of Mariana and Santiago Arriaga, children of Guillermo Arriaga—, Pet Shop Boysin which Darío Yazbek and Willem Dafoe participate; Memorydirected by Michel Franco and starring Jessica Chastain, and Heroicthe recently released film by filmmaker David Zonana.

From all these experiences in the world of cinema, which has taken her to festivals such as Venice, Cannes and Berlin, the young producer is left with the ties of friendship, complicity and family that she has created with the members of the crewwho have accompanied her in different projects.

Families are created, like satellite families between projects, and something that I have achieved to date is trying to work with the same teams, that is, even though I change from director to director. The costume designer of Heroic is the same as Memory and the same of open air, her name is Gabriela Fernández; the special effects makeup artist Heroicwho has just won the Ariel for The boneyardHe also went with me to Memory in New York and was also with me in open air.

You are creating this group of creatives, of friends who are making very strong alliances and together we are going deeper. I'm talking to you to tell you that I have a new adventure that is very different, but I promise you, it will be very easy and very different from the last one... and they always tell me: 'Eréndira, it's not true.' The talent that surrounds me is incredible and I want them to always be there,” he added.

Currently, the producer has everything ready to start a new adventure with her satellite family, with a Mexican director and a Brazilian photographer, whose name she cannot yet reveal, however, she is prepared for the challenges that may arise when telling this new story.

"I can't complain, I'm filming and that's incredible," he concluded.

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