Prime Minister of Peru rejects "interfering practices" of the IACHR

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The Prime Minister of Peru, Alberto Otárola, thanked this Thursday for the "recommendations" and "suggestions" of the latest report of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), although it has influenced that “cannot be accepted” that it is intended to carry out "an interventionist practice" in the country.

"We can receive a very interesting report, with some recommendations, with various criticisms and suggestions, but it certainly cannot be accepted that it is intended to carry out an interventionist practice in the constitutional attributions of the autonomous constitutional organisms of Peru”, stated Otárola.

Thus, the Peruvian Prime Minister assured that the Government will analyze the 36 final recommendations included in the IACHR report and will evaluate "the application of its relevance" in accordance with the country's own internal legislation, according to the Andean radio station RPP.

“These are recommendations that will be sent to all sectors and surely the Justice sector will be doing an adequate follow-up to be able to send the reports”, stressed the Andean prime minister, who nevertheless considers as “deficient” Army analysis.

Thus, the "premier" rejected the analysis carried out on the country's Armed Forces and reiterated the support of the Government to the Peruvian law enforcement agencies. Otárola stressed that the Army and the Police have been the ones who have "guarded and cared for internal order" despite "some errors."

These criticisms of the Prime Minister are added to those previously expressed by the Minister of Justice, Daniel Maurate, who assured that the Government of Dina Boluarte at no time did he allow security forces to use firearms to repel anti-government protests, as can be seen from the IACHR report.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights concluded in its latest report on the political crisis in Peru that “serious violations” of Human Rights during the protests and that the State's response "was characterized by the disproportionate, indiscriminate and lethal use of force”.

Before Otárola and Maurate, President Boluarte herself has already come out against the accusations made by the IACHR to defend that the Andean authorities are "rrespectful of fundamental freedoms, including peaceful protest; and rejected the accusations of alleged extrajudicial executions.

The Commission's report analyzes the episodes of violence and police repression that were committed during the protests that took place between December 7 – the same day that former President Pedro Castillo was imprisoned and imprisoned – and January 23, especially in the cities of Ayacucho and Puno.

The authorities' response to these mobilizations left nearly 60 people dead, including a policeman, as well as close to a thousand injured and several dozen other detainees. The Commission has recommended a negotiated solution to get out of this new crisis, and has urged the Government to implement the necessary mechanisms to investigate the facts and compensate the victims.

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