Priest of a Mexican church attacked with hundreds of bullets shows how the interior of the temple was left

In the images shared by the priest, you can see various bullet holes in the walls.

Photo: Facebook/Guachochi Cathedral / Courtesy

The community of Santa Anita, located in the municipality of Guachochi, in Chihuahua, became a ghost town after an armed commando left a decapitated body outside a church and shot hundreds of times against the religious temple.

One day after this attack, which will remain in the memory of its inhabitants, the priest of said church, Enrique Urzúa, shared images of the damage suffered inside the building, in addition to sending a video message.

“We find ourselves with these unfortunate facts, They have shot at the temple, they have left outside a beheaded person, a burned truckthe temple is shot inside and out, ”said the parish priest at the beginning of his message.

In front of the altar full of bullets, the priest called on the members of organized crime to stop the violence. “I beg you, I implore you in the name of God, in the name of this suffering people, I implore you, well, to put down your weapons, to stop hurting our community; We are brothers of this same town, we are brothers of this same Homeland, this is not fair, this is not correct, they have hurt the most sacred thing of a community, its temple, ”he indicated.

But his words were not only addressed to the criminals, but also to the local and federal authorities so that justice is done and security is ensured in Santa Anita. "I beg you to take charge of this, to take your role, to help us, to help us, we feel attacked"he added.

In the images shared by the religious you can see various bullet holes in the walls, paintings of the Virgin on the floor and broken glassrevealing that the violence has escalated to such an extent that no place is safe to take refuge.

For his part, the Chihuahua prosecutor, César Jauregui, said that work is being done to identify the criminal groups and the man who died. "We are in the identification of the subject, he is not a military man, he was indeed wearing clothing apparently like that, but he is not any member of the Army," he declared.

Meanwhile, the country's bishops spoke in a statement issued by the Mexican Bishops' Conference (CEM), in which they expressed their sadness and asked for the violence to stop.

“With deep pain and indignation, we join in communion with the entire community of Santa Anita, in the municipality of Guachochi, Chihuahua, who live with insecurity and uncertainty. In the midst of so much death and crime in the country, we publicly condemn this situation and demand an end to the violence," the document reads.

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