Price of the dollar: how much does it cost today February 1 in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Venezuela

The dollar depreciates in the early hours in the Mexican market, but against other pairs the trend is positive. Follow the price of the green ticket in real time.

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The dollar begins the day this Wednesday with a step forward against the Mexican peso and then the trend turned to trade in red. The average of the green bill in Mexico today moves around 18.77 pesos per dollar unit and the trend seems to remain downward.

At the bank window The average price of the dollar against the Aztec currency is 18.77 pesos per unit for purchase and for sale is 18.78 pesos per dollar unit. In evaluating the movement of the peso against the dollar during the month of January, experts in the Mexican market highlight that the Aztec currency performed well against the greenback.

In Honduras, the dollar continues to appreciate, although its value has not changed much compared to the previous day. Today the average price is 24.65 lempiras per green ticket unit. And for the purchase and sale, the maximums and minimums are averaged at 24.51 and 24.80 lempiras per dollar, respectively.

In Nicaragua, the dollar also maintains its positive trend and the little movement in the exchange rate persists. The price today is 36.54 cĂłrdobas per unit of greenback. For buying and selling, the trend remains at the same average between 36.08 cĂłrdobas and 37.00 cĂłrdobas per dollar, respectively.

In Costa Rica, the dollar continues with an upward trend, although there is also little movement in the exchange rate from one day to the next. The green bill trades against the Costa Rican colon at a price of 551.54 per dollar unit. In the average purchase and sale, the green bill moves between 550.03 for the purchase and 553.05 colones per dollar, respectively.

In the Dominican Republic, the dollar remains firm against the local peso, although with very slight variations. Today it is trading at 56.71 DOP per dollar unit. For the purchase and sale of the green ticket in Dominican banks, the average today is between 56.47 pesos and 57.95 DOP per dollar unit.

In Venezuela, the dollar already touches the barrier of 22 bolivars per unit. The average price for this Wednesday at the beginning of the day is 22.34 bolivars per dollar unit. And the day moves with an exchange rate between 22.31 and 22.37 Bs. per green ticket for the purchase and sale, respectively.

The price of the dollar varies during the exchange day. You can follow in real time the exchange rate of the greenback against some emerging currenciesand their trends according to international markers and some banks:
Mexico: exchange rate in real time
Honduras: exchange rate in real time
Nicaragua: price of the dollar in real time
Costa Rica: price of the dollar in real time
Dominican Republic: exchange rate in real time
Venezuela: price of the dollar in real time

Follow the dollar exchange rate to send remittances, check the price in real time and compare prices and shipping costs. For each receiving country of your remittance you can use a comparative table with the amount to be sent in dollars: Compare money transfers from the US.

From yesterday to today, cryptocurrencies show little change as most are trading in the green again. Bitcoin, ethereum, tether, XRP, and cardano, among others, are appreciated at the beginning of the day. Today the crypto dogecoin starts a day in negative, we will see if at any time of the day the volatility plays in favor. Follow the price of cryptocurrencies in real time.

Since yesterday the Federal Reserve is meeting and discussing the monetary policy that will be followed to stop inflation in the United States. The markets and analysts are awaiting statements by the Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, at a press conference scheduled for today at 1:00 p.m. The expectation is that there will be a 25 base point increase in interest rates.

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