PRI promotes commemorative coin of the 70th anniversary of women's suffrage in Mexico

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Mexico.- Representatives Blanca Alcalá Ruiz, Montserrat Arcos Velázquez and Carolina Viggiano Austria, from the PRI Parliamentary Group, are promoting an initiative to authorize the issuance of a coin commemorating the 70th anniversary of women's suffrage in Mexico.

In a statement, they detailed that a coin will be twenty pesos of legal tender, it would help remember this historical event that has contributed to the strengthening of the country's democratic system.

They highlighted that this broadcast will add to the commemoration and will contribute to making visible the participation of women in national life in all corners of the national territory.

The deputies explained that the metal piece will have the following characteristics: on the obverse, the National Shield, with the legend “United Mexican States”, while on the reverse it will be the one approved by the Bank of Mexico, related to the commemoration: “70 years of women's vote in Mexico, 1953-2023”.

They recognized that the struggles of great women in the history of the country have resulted in the full exercise of their political and electoral rights.

They recalled that the right to vote was exercised for the first time on July 3, 1955, derived from the constitutional reform published on October 17, 1953, promulgated by President Adolfo Ruiz Cortines.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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