Preventive detention ordered for ex-soldier of the dictatorship in Uruguay | News

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The court headed by the lawyer Isaura Tórtola of the prison ordered preventive detention for Alexis Grajales, a former soldier of the Uruguayan dictatorship, for participating in the aggravated homicide of Hugo Leonardo de los Santos Mendoza in the Atanasildo Suárez de Cavalry regiment number 6 in 1973.


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Former soldiers Lawrie Rodríguez and Ariel Ubillos were prosecuted for this case in September 2021, however, on that occasion Grajales was not prosecuted due to an appeal filed before the Court of Appeals for a petition for the prescription of the case. Said resource ended up being rejected by the lawyer Tórtola.

According to the sentence, it is indicated that the aforementioned Rodríguez and Ubillos, as well as Grajales, were present in the unit at the exact moment in which the crime was committed and in the case of the latter, he held the position of intelligence liaison, that is, responsible for the detainees.

Among those interviewed for the case, he explained that a source informed him that someone had died in the unit where the so-called S2 and S3 were, who carried out the so-called anti-subversive fight.

Hugo Leonardo de los Santos was 21 years old at the time of his murder on September 3, 1973, after being kidnapped the previous day.

A death certificate signed by a military doctor said that the young man had died of pulmonary edema, but following the family complaint, a subsequent autopsy showed that he died from blows suffered.

De los Santos was born in the town of Rocha and was studying agronomy at the faculty of this subject in Montevideo, the Uruguayan capital. In addition to his academic training, he was an active member of the Movimiento de Liberación Nacional-Tupamaros.

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