Presidents Maduro and Petro will lead the reopening of borders | News


The presidents of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, will meet on September 26 to lead the ceremony to reopen the common border, an official source reported on Tuesday.


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“On September 26, the two presidents, President Nicolás Maduro and our president Gustavo Petro, will be able to (meet) at a point to be determined, surely it will be the Simón Bolívar bridge, where this opening act will take place,” the minister reported. Colombian Transport, Guillermo Reyes.

Reyes was in Caracas on Tuesday and held meetings with his Venezuelan counterpart, Ramón Velásquez, and Deputy Minister Claudio Farías, with whom he outlined a roadmap for the reactivation of land, air and sea connections starting on September 26.

The Colombian official maintained that with the reopening of the border with Venezuela, both countries will benefit.

“We will promote the connectivity, development and competitiveness of these sister nations,” he said.

He announced that on September 26, flights between Colombia and Venezuela will resume, and the first will be operated by the Venezuelan airline Conviasa, with the Caracas-Valencia-Bogotá route, and will be followed by the Colombian airline Wingo, on October 3, with the Bogota-Caracas route.

“We have not yet defined the time. The president, in the Colombian case, is at the United Nations, we do not know what their agenda is going to be and what time it is scheduled, but we do know that the Conviasa flight that will travel Caracas-Valencia-Bogotá would be arriving in the morning hours and carrying a number of Venezuelans,” Reyes said.

This Wednesday, Migration authorities of the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Trade and their counterparts from Venezuela will hold a meeting at the border point, in order to verify the bridges to determine how they will operate.

The land border between the two nations had been closed since 2018, when the Venezuelan ruler denounced a threat of military incursion encouraged by then Colombian President Iván Duque.

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