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Luisa Gonzalez and Alvaro Noboa.REUTERS / EFE

Ecuador is preparing for the second round of the 2023 Early Legislative Presidential Elections and, in order to encourage informed voting, a debate will be held in which Luisa González, from the Citizen Revolution Movement, and Daniel Noboa, from the National Democratic Action alliance , they will engage in dialogue about their political agenda. Both candidates were chosen as finalists in the first round held in August. La correísta received the most votes with a 9% advantage over her current opponent. In total, González took 33% of the votes, while Noboa took 24%.

The first stage of the elections was marked by the murder of candidate Fernando Villavicencio during a public appearance. Before the homicide, the journalist revealed that he had received threats from criminal groups in alliance with the Sinaloa Cartel. Christian Zurita replaced Villavicencio as the presidential candidate of the Construye Movement and came third in the first round.

The preparations for the next election day, scheduled for Sunday, October 15, are the responsibility of the National Electoral Council of the Republic of Ecuador (CNE). The previous debate was key for Daniel Noboa: his participation gave him an advantage that exceeded the predictions of previous polls.

When and where to see it?

The Second Round Presidential Debate will take place on Sunday, October 1 at 7:00 p.m. Ecuador time. The broadcast can be seen on the national radio and television network, and last-minute information will also be published on the CNE platforms.

The topics of the debate

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The thematic axes that the candidates will address will be economy, security, society and politics. The first block will begin with the intervention of Daniel Noboa, and in it the candidates will be questioned about the internal budget, the El Niño phenomenon, job creation and dollarization. Subsequently, Luisa González will begin with block two, which will discuss the comprehensive management of the national security system, the subregional context of organized crime, the criminal intelligence system and forced disappearances of people.

The debate will continue with discussions on education, development of the health system, mental health, promotion plans for the inclusion of vulnerable groups, constitutional reforms, governance and representation of social security and the country's position within the framework of international relations.

Who will be the moderator?

Ruth del Salto was chosen by the CNE as the moderator of the meeting between the candidates. The communicator, who currently lives in Qatar with her family, will receive the question bank in the presence of a notary public, and the envelopes can only be opened on the day of the debate broadcast. Once at the event, the questions will be placed in transparent amphorae and it will be Salto who will draw up the topics to be discussed. According to a draw carried out by the CNE, Daniel Noboa will occupy lectern one, to the right side of the moderator. The candidate Luisa González will be located in number two, on the left side of the journalist.

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