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The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, landed in China on Monday to begin a three-day visit that will take him to meet with President Xi Jinping, with whom they are expected to talk about diplomatic and commercial issues between both countries.


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"There are several aspects, apart from the importance that China obviously has in the world order and the good relationship that Colombia has to build around an increasingly multipolar world," said the Colombian president upon his arrival at Beijing International Airport.

The meeting between both heads of state is scheduled for October 25.

Gustavo Petro assured that trade relations and the boost to the economy after Covid will be topics of conversation with his Chinese counterpart.

Petro arrived in China accompanied by Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva Durán, and his Vice Minister Francisco J. Coy, was received with military honors upon his arrival in the Asian country.

The Colombian ambassador to China, Sergio Cabrera; and his Asian counterpart, Zhu Jinyang, as well as Cai Wei, general director of Latin America and the Caribbean of the Foreign Ministry, were part of the event that welcomed the Colombian president.

Gustavo Petro also referred to the Silk Road and Belt project, which consists of the construction of infrastructure taking into account the Colombian context, bathed by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, a project of which a total of 23 Latin American countries are part.

The Colombian president maintained that the road and strip initiative could represent an opportunity for his country in terms of the development of railway infrastructure.

On the topic of the future of the Bogotá metro, the president confirmed that he will address this issue that he considers crucial. “It is in the heart of that railway network,” warned Gustavo Petro.

President Petro's return will take place on October 27, two days before the regional elections.

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