President Ortega: We will continue to guarantee workers’ rights | News


The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, specified this Saturday in the framework of the commemoration ceremony for Workers’ Day that the Government will continue to guarantee the rights of the working class.


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“We will continue to guarantee the rights of workers such as health, education and of course with work, we must multiply efforts for these new challenges,” said the head of state.

At the same time, the Nicaraguan president urged both the working class and the youth to continue solidifying the national union, “the flags of the workers and peasants remain in the youth. The relay is taking place in harmony and not in confrontation,” narrowed down

President Ortega also offered a historical review of the impacts that capitalism has left on the world, leading to massacres and occupation of territories, “capitalism in its voracious practice has generated confrontations between the capitalists themselves, between the same countries that were fighting for become owners of the planet,” he added.

“Capitalism is the most developed expression of evil that can fit in the human being (…) Fascism is the son of capitalism, it is the son of that Europe that called itself democratic. That fascism invented ovens to take entire families there simply for having Jewish blood,” explained the president.

Alluding to the conflict in Ukraine, President Ortega recalled that Moscow is defending its right to freedom, “Russia is fighting for its freedom against the Nazis who remained in Ukraine murdering and where they staged a coup in 2014,” he pointed out.

“The United States (USA) has committed crimes and invaded the whole world, they have kidnapped entire peoples like Cuba, a nation kidnapped by a blockade for 60 years, they have approached and tried to destroy the Bolivarian Revolution,” he said. the head of state.

President Ortega asserted that the US is the main violator of International Law and the Magna Carta of the United Nations, “they do whatever they want (…). They have tried to assassinate President Maduro and have blocked Venezuela “, he added.

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