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The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, expressed his support on Monday for the revitalization of an agenda to preserve the Amazon and highlighted the role of the Amazon Summit in Belém, Brazil, which will take place on August 8 and 9.


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In his television program Con Maduro +, the head of state warned that a new Amazonian colonialism is being sought, in order to seize the natural wealth of the Amazon.

“A new colonialism is being sought, Amazonian colonialism: coming with United States troops and putting troops in the Amazon with the aim of seizing the biodiversity of the Amazon,” he specified.

Nicolás Maduro urged to unite all South American institutions for action, and those who wish to support from outside can do so through the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization.

Likewise, the Venezuelan dignitary stressed that the Amazon is one of the fundamental points to achieve balance on the planet and called for preserving it to rebuild the lost balance.

"The first thing to do is clean the Amazon of illegal mining, prohibit deforestation, go for soil regeneration, total reforestation, supported by the divine, spiritual and ancestral power of the indigenous peoples who live in the Amazon," stressed.

In this sense, the president affirmed that in the battle against illegal mining, his government, supported by the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, will evict 100 from the Amazon, from the Yapacana park and from all the national parks, where 10,000 illegal miners operate.

“We have already evicted more than 4,500 voluntarily, with the presence of the military authority, the public authority, the State, and we are going to evict 100 percent of the Amazon, 100 percent of the Yapacana park and all the national parks," he said.

Nicolás Maduro: enough of the sanctions

In another moment of his speech, the president rejected the sanctions against his Venezuela and stressed the importance of continuing the fight and reaffirming the independence of his country from any coercive measure or colonization attempt.

“We advocate free trade, absolute economic freedom, and we must continue to build that freedom. What do the gringos think? What Venezuela is a gringo colony that needs their licenses and their permits? No, enough of the sanctions. We have to get rid of them and build a country that is totally free, source and economically prosperous”, he highlighted.

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