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The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, and the president of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), Mahmud Abbas, held a telephone conversation this Sunday to address the critical situation that Palestinian civilians are experiencing after the Israeli aggression in Gaza.


The number of Palestinians killed in Gaza by Israel rises to 2,450

From the official account of the Government of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro highlighted that they spoke "about the terrible situation in the Gaza Strip, after the indiscriminate attacks on the civilian population by Israel, causing thousands of deaths and injuries."

Recognizing that Israel's attack has crossed the line of respect for International Humanitarian Law and violates the agreements that govern the matter, the Venezuelan head of state also pointed out that both he and Abbas agreed in demanding an immediate ceasefire.

"We agree in demanding an immediate ceasefire and the establishment of a humanitarian channel of assistance to the population, as well as the reestablishment of international legality, through compliance with the resolutions of the United Nations Organization and respect for the commitments of the parties in each of the negotiations carried out,” said the Venezuelan dignitary.

Likewise, Maduro Moros pointed out that Abbas reported in detail on the development of events and the diplomatic deployment of the ANP, “as a leadership body, committed to peace, dialogue and respect for the agreements signed between the parties, which "They have been systematically ignored by the Israeli side."

The Bolivarian leader reaffirmed Venezuela's unconditional support for the Palestinian cause and the ANP, in order to achieve peace and urge the international community and the UN authorities to assume, with strength and courage, a role as guarantors of said legality. , as the only route to achieve peace and fulfill the mandate of consolidating the Palestinian State.

"We also reviewed the initiatives promoted by different countries, including China and Egypt, in order to convene a large world conference in favor of peace and the reestablishment of international legality, which aim to immediately stop the military aggression against civilians and advance on the definitive path to reestablishing the rights of the Palestinian people,” the Venezuelan president insisted.

Likewise, Nicolás Maduro reported on the sending of more than 30 tons of humanitarian aid, in the coming days, to the Gaza Strip, "as part of the beginning of a plan of direct and constant support to the Palestinian people, through the channels established humanitarian organizations.

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