President of Ukraine condemns terrorist attack on Israel

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Without any palliative, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, condemned the attack by the Palestinian militias and the jihadist group Hamasagainst Israel and defended the "unquestionable" right of Israelis to respond to attacks of this nature.

Horrible news from Israel. My condolences go to all the families and friends of the victims of this terrorist attack. We have faith that order will be restored and the terrorists defeated," he said in a message posted on his X account, formerly Twitter.

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Terrorism should have no place in the world," he continued, "because it is always a crime, not only against a specific country, but against all of humanity."

"Israel's right to self-defense is unquestionable"added the president, who has asked that "all the details of this attack be revealed so that the world knows, and so that those who supported and executed it are brought to justice."

Finally, the Ukrainian president called on all Ukrainian citizens in Israel to "obey the orders of local authorities" and recalled that both the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and the Ukrainian Embassy in Israel "are prepared to help in any situation." " through an emergency center enabled in this regard.

The 'Al Aqsa Flood' operation, announced by Hamas around 07:00 this morning (local), has so far cost the lives of 500 people and left more than 3,300 injured on both sides.

The attack on Israel was immediately responded to by the Hebrew Army with a huge air deploymentOperation 'Iron Swords', in which dozens of Israeli warplanes have hit numerous targets of the Islamist movement in the enclave.

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Several Palestinians have been killed in this operation, although their exact number is unknown.

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