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The President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, called for unity this Saturday after an agreement was signed the day before between the left-wing platform Sumar and the Podemos movement ahead of the general elections scheduled for July 23.


Leftist movements agree electoral coalition in Spain

The leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) stated from the Federal Committee of said organization that "the first condition for the setback not to advance on July 23 is that the PSOE come out united, brave and powerful."

In this sense, Sánchez described the agreement between left-wing parties as positive with the aim of attending the next general elections together while affirming that, even so, "the great responsibility for what happens on July 23 falls on the Socialists".

"The agreement announced yesterday is more than positive news, unity is the first sign of responsibility and it is a condition to leave sterile noise behind," he emphasized.

In turn, the head of the Government affirmed that the economy "is going more than well, it is going like a motorcycle, and we have an exceptional balance on the table, we have a plan, we have the economic and social advances so that these results improve even more in the next years".

In this sense, Sánchez urged to defend that road map, meanwhile, he stressed that in the worst situations "we have turned to defend the interest of the Spanish people."

From the left alliance, the PSOE leader retains his chances for re-election and limits the options of the Popular Party (right) and Vox (ultra-right) to form a coalition government.

During the regional and municipal elections held last May, the PSOE lost 15 of the 22 provincial capitals in which it governs, among which Seville and Valladolid stand out.

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