President of the Ecuadorian Congress denounces 81 legislators | News


The president of the National Assembly of Ecuador, Guadalupe Llori, denounced this Wednesday 81 members of Parliament, after the legislators decided to form a multi-party commission to analyze her management at the head of said entity.


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In this sense, the lawsuit was filed by the highest authority of the Ecuadorian Parliament against the officials for non-compliance with legitimate decisions of the competent authority, this Tuesday, April 26.

According to the prosecutor in legislative function, Santiago Salazar, the complaint filed by the president of the Assembly, Llori, calls for the initiation of an investigation against the flagrant crime committed by the legislators.

The request of the legislator, Llori, takes place after the plenary session of the National Assembly decided to include a commission also qualified by the Council of Legislative Administration, in charge of processing the complaint presented by the opposition Esteban Torres for alleged breach of functions of the President of the Ecuadorian Parliament.

Thus, the multiparty commission obtained 93 votes in favor, while the motion with the integration of that commission registered 81 votes, also made up of assembly members such as Pamela Aguirre, from the Unión por la Esperanza party; from the Pedro Zapata Christian Social Party; and from the Pachakutik Rebelde (PK-R) group, Peter Calo; among others.

It is worth noting that the opposition parties are the promoters of the initiative against the president of the Ecuadorian National Assembly, an issue that to date has been ineffective due to the legal protection granted to the highest authority of the legislature.

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