President of Peru regrets road accident that left 12 dead | News

The president of Peru, Pedro Castilló, lamented this Saturday the bus accident that occurred on Friday in the province of Trujillo, located on the north coast of the country, in which 12 people lost their lives.


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The Emtrafesa company bus, which came from Trujillo and was destined for the district of San Pedro de Lloc, overturned when it took the oval (roundabout) of that last city at very high speed.

“I regret the bus accident that occurred in Trujillo. I express my condolences to the families of the victims and we will provide help to the injured, ”said the Peruvian president in a message posted on his Twitter account.

The Head of State announced that he instructed the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Transport Infrastructure for Public Use (Ositran) to verify compliance with technical standards in the oval (roundabout) of San Pedro de Lloc, in order to avoid more tragedies.

In addition to the 12 fatalities, the road accident left more than twenty passengers injured.