President of Peru evaluates applying castration to sexual abusers | News


The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, announced this Saturday that he is evaluating the implementation of chemical castration against sexual abusers of women and minors after reporting a case of abuse against a three-year-old minor in Chiclayo.


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“This atrocious and inhumane act (of the abused minor) leads us to an enormous reflection as a country to adopt more severe State public policies that safeguard the human rights of the most defenseless, our boys and girls, and chemical castration is a option, we cannot wait any longer”, assured the Head of State.

Likewise, the president assured that for the implementation of the measure, a reform of the Penal Code is needed, as well as of the National Congress, “I urge you to support concrete measures in favor of the most vulnerable, because we cannot continue tolerating these violent acts that harm our integrity as a society and destroy the lives of the defenseless,” he said.

“Enough of so much violence, crimes of sexual violence against children will not be tolerated by this Government, nor will they go unpunished. The pain of this family is also ours, I feel outraged at such cruelty, “said President Castillo.

From the Presidency they reported that the country must unite to implement the measure, which is applied in seven states of the United States (USA), as well as in Poland, Russia, South Korea, Indonesia and Moldova.

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