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The President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, asserted this Thursday that "the dignity of the homeland is not negotiated" during his speech this Thursday on the deportation to the United States (USA) of 222 people sentenced for inciting violence, al terrorism, as well as committing acts that undermine independence.


222 people deported for inciting violence in Nicaragua

The president assured that there was no negotiation and that "this must be clear because the sovereignty of the country, the dignity of the homeland is not negotiated."

"On several occasions, in different public events, I had been stating that all these people who were in prison, who were detained for violating sovereignty, against peace, against the Nicaraguan people, like all of them, were agents of foreign powers," remembered.

In addition, he recalled that on another occasion "we challenged the US government, which has vilified us so much, has accused us of having 'political prisoners', and after US citizens of the Republican Party assaulted the US Congress."

"They were not armed, as the terrorists were here in April, murdering, burning, destroying. They were not armed, we all saw the scenes when they entered Congress, the police did not make much resistance for them to enter and there were two deaths," he said. .

President Ortega commented that after this event came the persecution and that "they were accused of attacking the security of the great North American nation, of attacking the democracy of the great North American nation."

"It was not about negotiating anything (...) this is a problem of principle for us. We know what the essence is, the thought of all these people and that in the end they are victims of imperialist policy, they are used, They finance them, they arm them (...) then they send them to look for how to destroy the peace and stability of a country," he asserted.

On the other hand, he affirmed that this measure did not ask for anything in return. "What could they have imagined that they are going to ask us (…) No, we are not asking that the sanctions be lifted. We are not asking for anything in return. It is a matter of honor, dignity, patriotism and that they take away their mercenaries ", said.

The Head of State reiterated that "everything we do is to ensure peace" and highlighted the strength of the people who have fought "the greatest battles, faced the greatest challenges and achieved peace, like the peace that we have managed to reconquer in the month of April, this peace that we are enjoying now. Now that the coup plotters, the mercenaries, have left, we breathe more peace here in Nicaragua."

On this day, the president of Chamber One of the Court of Appeals of Managua (capital), magistrate Octavio Rothschuh, read the statement to inform that "the immediate deportation of 222 people sentenced for committing acts that undermine the independence, sovereignty , the self-determination of the people; for inciting violence, terrorism and economic destabilization, but also for injuring the supreme interests of the nation established in the legal system, conventions and international human rights treaties, altering peace, security and the constitutional order".

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