President of Nicaragua holds meeting with Iranian delegation | News


Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega held a meeting on Friday with a high-level mission from the Government of Iran, headed by the Oil Minister, Javad Owji, who visited Managua with the aim of strengthening relations between the two countries.


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Ortega and Nicaraguan deputy president Rosario Murillo presided over the closing of the diplomatic meeting with the Iranian delegation, which arrived in the Central American country last Wednesday, at the Olof Palme convention center.

The officials of the Republic of Iran carried out their visit with the aim of promoting cooperation projects and programs between the two countries.

In the ceremony that took place on Friday night, both parties signed cooperation agreements on energy, agriculture, livestock, parliamentary exchange and exchange of foreign relations.

During the meeting, President Ortega highlighted the importance of strengthening the PetroCaribe project, an initiative promoted by the Government of Venezuela to facilitate the distribution of oil between Caribbean and Central American nations.

“We have a very important starting point, which is the project that was installed with ALBA, with Commander (Hugo) Chávez,” said Ortega, referring to PetroCaribe, through which the adherent countries “received unconditional cooperation from Venezuela.” .

The Iranian Oil Minister, for his part, pointed out that the principle of the government of President Ebrahim Raisi is to strengthen economic relations with all nations.

“The main focus of the foreign policy of President Raisi’s government is to extend and expand relations in all possible aspects, with a special emphasis on the economic aspect, with all the countries of the world, especially with brother countries and friends of Latin America, such as Nicaragua”, stated Owji.

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