President of Guatemala assures that he will respect his constitutional term

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Guatemalan President, Alejandro Giammatteiassured that he will respect his constitutional period and, in turn, asked that the date of the second electoral round be respected.

Through a statement published on July 10, he assured that there is a disinformation campaign against him, "with the intention of generating confusion and destabilization."

In his letter, he called on Guatemalans not to be surprised.

"Given this campaign of disinformation and rumors absolutely false and biased, by this means manifest to you, that respectful of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala and the constitutional term for which I was democratically elected, my constitutional period ends on January 14, 2024, a non-extendable term that I will respect, as I swore to do when I took office and as part of strengthening our democracy and Constitutional Rule of Law," the statement states.

He Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Guatemala reported this Monday that the deadlines agreed for the electoral process are being respected, including the ballot for the presidency.

"The second round will take place on August 20 because that is the date that we have set forth in the decree calling for elections," said magistrate Gabriel Aguilera, during a press conference offered at the headquarters of the electoral tribunal.

The electoral magistrates They detailed that they are waiting to conclude some internal processes in order to make official the results of the first electoral round held on June 25.

The election results They have been suspended since July 1, after the Constitutional Court, Guatemala's highest court, issued a controversial resolution that opened the way for a second review of the results.

Now, the process is stalled because the president of the Supreme Court of JusticeSilvia Valdés, requested information to verify if the review of the electoral results was carried out correctly.

The electoral authorities assure that they must wait for the Supreme Court resolution to make way for the results of the June 25 elections to be made official.

in said vote collation there was no variation that altered the results obtained and the procedure, carried out by prosecutors of political parties and electoral boards, was endorsed by the electoral court.

"Elections are won or lost at the polls," added the president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Irma Palencia, when asked about the doubts that existed in the process.

The results of the first round electoral, of June 25, threw the former first lady Sandra Torres Casanova, of the National Unit of Hope (UNE) as first place and, surprisingly, the academic Bernardo Arévalo De León, of the Seed Movement, as second place.

Torres Casanova and Arévalo De León, must compete in the ballot for the presidency, for the period 2024-2028, on August 20.

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