President of El Salvador asks to extend the emergency regime | News

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, asked Congress to extend this Sunday for a month the emergency regime decreed on March 27 within the framework of the strategy to contain the violence attributed to the gangs that operate in the Central American country.


El Salvador seeks to extend the state of exception for 30 days

Given the call made through Twitter, the current president of the Assembly and deputy for Nuevas Ideas, Ernesto Castro, confirmed that an extraordinary plenary session would be held this Sunday at 2:00 p.m. The exception regime expires this Sunday night.

Of the more than 15,000 captured during the state of emergency, less than half have been brought to a judicial hearing and sent to preventive detention. Four arrested have died in the Izalco prison, three of them from beatings, according to relatives.

With the implementation of the emergency regime, the authorities have up to 15 days to bring those captured before a judge; the number of those sent to preventive detention by court order means that less than half of all those arrested have been charged in court.

With this measure, the constitutional guarantees contemplated in articles 7, 12, 13 second paragraph and 24 of the Magna Carta are suppressed.

These articles contemplate the “freedom of association, right to defense, term of administrative detention and the inviolability of correspondence and telecommunications.”

Opposition deputies have criticized the imposition of a state of emergency in the face of irregularities denounced by the police forces regarding alleged quotas of gang members detained for no apparent reason or cause to be prosecuted, which has generated serious arbitrariness.

In this sense, legislators Johnny Wright, from Nuestro Tiempo, and René Portillo, from ARENA, pointed out that the Constitution establishes that in order to request the extension of the exceptional measures, the situation denounced must remain unchanged.

“That is the question we would have to ask the government: if indeed what happened with 62 homicides in one day is still valid,” Wright said.

For his part, Portillo said: “Yes, what motivated the regime is an increase in homicides, that has already been contained. Therefore, it has to start applying ordinary legislation, unless the Government recognizes that it cannot solve this situation.” in the country”.