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The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, arrived this Tuesday in Madrid, the capital of Spain, on his first official visit to that country, with the aim of strengthening bilateral relations and addressing the peace process in the Latin American nation.


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He is accompanied by the Colombian first lady, Verónica Alcocer, and the heads of Foreign Affairs, Mines, Education and Commerce, who will meet with their counterparts from the Iberian nation.

After his arrival, the president held a meeting with a sample of Colombian entrepreneurs participating in the sixth edition of the Services Fair.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the state visit will officially begin. Petro will be received by the kings of Spain at the Royal Palace. Subsequently, he will move to Congress, where he will address the parliamentarians in the chamber, and then place a wreath in the Plaza de la Lealtad.

In the afternoon session, he will hold a meeting with King Felipe VI, receive the golden key to the city at the Madrid town hall, and attend a gala dinner hosted by the kings.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, he will open a business forum before moving to the Moncloa Palace, the headquarters of the Spanish Executive, to meet with President Pedro Sánchez, with whom he will execute the signing of various agreements.

The meeting is intended to strengthen relations with Spain in the economic and commercial chapter, and address the process promoted by the Colombian president who seeks total peace in his country.

The Spanish government has shown its full support to this end, since Spain has the status of accompanying country in the peace process in Colombia. Just this Tuesday, the Colombian government and the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN) will meet again in Havana, the capital of Cuba, in the third round of peace negotiations, after a few weeks of tension.

Another issue to be addressed will be that of the government and the opposition in Venezuela. Last week Petro convened an international conference in Bogotá, the Colombian capital, with the intention of unblocking the talks between the two parties, which have been suspended since November.

Immigration problems, the fight against climate change, the energy transition and the digital transformation will be other issues that both leaders plan to address.

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