President of Chile signs a commitment on the demands of children | News


The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, signed this Friday the agreement entitled “A commitment for children”, a symbolic text that makes the Government responsible for responding to the demands of the children of that nation.


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The symbolic signing took place within the framework of the launch of the first session of the Interministerial Committee for Social Development, Family and Children, which took place at the Cumbres de Cóndores Oriente Institute, located in the commune of Renca, Santiago.

At the ceremony, the top Chilean leader urged reaching agreements on the protection of children and adolescents while highlighting their role in society.

The president also highlighted that students have been the drivers of many of the great changes that have occurred historically in Chile and recalled when 11 years ago, teachers demonstrated to demand free, quality public education.

“You are the protagonists of the transformation process that we are experiencing in Chile. We are in the midst of a constituent process where we are asking ourselves about the foundations of how we live in society, and it has not been easy,” said President Boric.

Likewise, the former student leader asserted that Chilean society is “profoundly unequal”, however, spaces such as classrooms, high schools and families are the main factors for this inequality to be reduced and progress towards a better country. .

“Today we have no excuses for not advancing in effective solutions for the different childhoods that live in Chile,” the Chilean president closed his message.

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