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The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, spoke this Tuesday during the inauguration of the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN), which brings together world leaders in the US city of New York.


António Guterres opens the 77th UN General Assembly

During his speech, the dignitary reflected on the way in which Chile went “from being the poorest colony of Spain in America, to being a free, independent and thriving country”, and made an in-depth tour of the current international context.

Boric stressed that the conflict in Ukraine has unleashed an increase in the price of hydrocarbons, causing a powerful impact on the international economy, for which he described the current time as one of uncertainty and shocks.

“The trade war between the United States and China, unleashed in 2018 under the previous administration of (Donald) Trump, as well as the pandemic, destabilized the global economy and affected ours,” the Chilean president explained to the UN.

Likewise, he referred to the constant violations of human rights that unleashed the political crisis in his country in October 2019, when under the government of former President Sebastián Piñera there were profound scenes of violence, such as the fires at the Santiago metro stations. (capital).

“Unfortunately, what happened in my country was not by chance, but the consequence of innumerable stories of pain and delay, and I want to tell you that what is not expected can happen in your countries too,” Boric assured.

The head of state also alluded to the recent plebiscite to reform the constitution in his country that took place on September 4, and was rejected by the voters of his nation.

“Some have wanted to see the results of the Plebiscite as a defeat for the Government. Today, in this instance, I say that a government can never feel defeated when the people speak out”, he stressed.

The leader of the Chilean Government assured that this result has led his nation to be more humble, and stressed that the citizens of his country yearn for transformations, based on stability.

The president made his debut before the summit of the international organization, along with other presidents such as Latin Americans, such as the Colombian Gustavo Petro and the Honduran Xiomara Castro.

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