President of Bolivia urges action to confront drought | News

President of Bolivia urges action to confront drought | News
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The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, urged to confront the severe drought that is plaguing the Latin American country, through a speech given this Saturday in the municipality of San Benito, in the central department of Cochabamba.


President Arce delivers expansion of the Tijraska dam in Bolivia

"It is the concern that we have and we are going to assume State policies to resolve and confront this climate crisis that is hitting the entire world and Bolivia on the issue of water," he said.

He assured that the drought is having devastating effects on key sectors such as agriculture, livestock and the economy of productive regions.

According to the Vice Minister of Civil Defense, Juan Carlos Calvimontes, at least 260 of the 337 Bolivian municipalities reported natural disasters due to a drought associated with the El Niño phenomenon.

In this sense, experts from the National Meteorology and Hydrology Service (Senamhi), highlight that this climatological event, which lasts about ten months, will last until March 2024.

The drought is worsening in the western region of the country. One of the most affected areas is Potosí, which is why the start of water rationing from September 15 was approved there.

Given the critical panorama that is presented, Arce presented to the Legislative Assembly several bills on credits for the construction of dams and dams. In addition, he called on legislators to expedite his treatment.

So far in its administration, the Arce Government has invested more than 8.2 billion Bolivian pesos (1.19 billion dollars) in 838 water, sanitation, irrigation and watershed management projects to guarantee human consumption and agricultural activity.

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