President of Bolivia affirms that a new world order is being built | News

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The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, said this Tuesday that a new world order is being built in which the United Nations (UN) has a fundamental role, during the 78th session of the General Assembly of the multilateral organization.


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“The pending challenges remain numerous and enormous, but today we find ourselves at the dawn of a new international configuration. We are convinced that we are witnessing the construction of a new World Order, a situation in which the United Nations Assembly, following the principles by which it was created, must play a main role."

“We must put an end, once and for all, to the arms race and prioritize sincere dialogue and diplomacy of the people,” said Arce, while highlighting that “it is urgent that our nations unite in a collective effort, with diverse voices.”

Likewise, the Bolivian president warned about the increase in military spending in the world, which "has reached historic figures." As of April 2023, the world invested more than $2.24 trillion in weapons and the war industry.

Another of the challenges presented by the Bolivian head of state emphasizes the need to change the unjust international order that overwhelms our people, and sit down to debate within the framework of the United Nations, to build a new pact for the future.

“We are obligated to address the needs of present and future generations equitably. We cannot allow a child to die of hunger today to ensure a snack for another child who has not yet been born. Eliminating poverty and inequalities today will prevent unimaginable conflicts of economic and ecological distribution in the future,” said Arce.

On the other hand, the president reiterated that "it is necessary and urgent to change the capitalist system in times of neoliberalism, which multiplies and reproduces the forms of domination, exploitation and exclusion of the great majorities."

The climate crisis requires concrete actions and renewed commitments, said Luis Arce before the UN, who also referred to the vision of Bolivia, where the sustainability of development has strong roots "in our vision of Living Well and harmony with nature." .

SDG Summit

By characterizing the international scenario as complex, the Bolivian dignitary stated at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit that his country reaffirms its commitment to achieving them, although he insisted that to do so they need a change of direction of historic proportions through actions unprecedented collectives.

"Discarding capitalism and promoting more humane policies compatible with Mother Earth are other structural actions. To achieve the objectives we must deploy strategic investments from each country," he said.

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