President Nicolás Maduro unveils a milestone in the Great Housing Mission Venezuela | News


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro handed over this Thursday at the Ezequiel Zamora urban development in Ciudad Tiuna, in Caracas, housing 4,100,000 as part of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission (GMVV), which he described as a milestone in the nation.


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In this regard, the president maintained that “here we are, precisely in house 4,100,000. You have to see the effort of work in the good times and in the bad”, while he assured that each roof of their own given to the families complies with the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic and will offer security to the boys and girls of the new generations of Venezuelans.

“With the conscience block, the cement of love and the rebar of the revolutionary soul, to build Communal Councils, Communes, communities and keep public spaces beautiful, in addition to consulting the popular self-government for all issues of interest”, detailed the chief of the Bolivarian State.

In the same way, he avoided the fact that those who benefit from their new homes in dissimilar communities throughout the national territory, must simultaneously and conscientiously lead a new way of life in community.

In addition, he urged that the GMVV become an expression of socialism, of the citizen, of the entire family, with the exercise of love, understanding; and being a vanguard in the construction of communities in which participatory democracy prevails.

The first combatant Cilia Flores, part of the ministerial cabinet, and the beneficiaries of homes one, two, three and four million participated in the delivery ceremony.

On the other hand, the leader of the Bolivarian Republic approved the allocation of 6,858.36 petros to continue the execution of housing by the Movement of Residents throughout the country, through the first step, consisting of the acquisition of construction materials. .

He explained in this sense that said approval of resources corresponds to “the word pledged with the Movement of Tenants and Residents in the assembly last Tuesday”, where proposals and proposals were raised and the housing situation throughout the country was analyzed.

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