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Participants from more than 50 countries continue this Saturday in Caracas, Venezuela, the debate on the future of the left in Latin America and in the world within the framework of the ten years since the departure of the eternal commander Hugo Chávez.


World meeting on the legacy of Hugo Chávez is in session in Venezuela

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, welcomed the delegations that attended the World Meeting: Validity of the Bolivarian Thought of Commander Chávez in the 21st century, which will be closed this Saturday after two days of analysis.

On his Twitter account, the head of state expressed: “What a joy to see the Movements of the Peoples of Our America in the Homeland of Bolívar! Welcome and welcome, it is an extraordinary way to recognize the legacy and the Bolivarian thought of Commander Chávez. Long live the union and the struggle of the peoples!”.

The leaders of the social movements highlighted the importance of the Commander, as a man who led the Revolution and who, in turn, preserved his humility with the Venezuelan people.

This Friday, President Maduro stated that, after the physical departure of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, the Venezuelan right and the United States government underestimated the patriotic forces.

“Imperialism underestimated us, the internal oligarchy underestimated us, they underestimated the people, they underestimated the leadership of the revolution, they underestimated me as a human being, leader and political boss. 10 years later we can tell you that here we are, whole, standing and victorious and ready to continue the battle in the remainder of the 21st century," the Venezuelan president pointed out.

For her part, Executive Vice President Delcy Rodríguez said that a new multipolar world order is being reconfigured and Venezuela proposes that one of these pillars be the Bolivarian Pole, under the vision of Father Liberator Simón Bolívar who reinforced Commander Hugo Chávez Frías during his presidency.

The meeting takes place at the Teresa Carreño theater until Sunday, March 5, the date on which, a decade ago, Hugo Chávez died.

This international meeting in the Venezuelan capital brings together personalities, intellectuals, social movements, activists and politicians who have been accompanying the Bolivarian Revolution in all these years.

The topics to be discussed will be, among others, Popular Power, the communes, the civil-military union, decolonization, the media and new technologies, the international situation, the union and integration of Latin America, the Caribbean and the planet, the construction of multipolarity and the multicentric world and the route towards the Socialism of the XXI Century.

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