President Maduro: Venezuela will strengthen the productive model in 2022 | News

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, asserted this Friday that, during 2022, they will work to advance the production model in the South American nation, and boost the growth of the real economy.


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During the work meeting with the Executive Cabinet, regional and local authorities, The head of state received the proposals of the V Congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), and the IV Youth Congress, in order to strengthen a “good government, for the economy, for People’s Power, for the revolution of ethics”, expressed.

“This year 2022 we are going to advance even more in this model of producing in Venezuela what the country needs and the growth of wealth and the real economy,” he said.

The president stated that the main objectives of the new government method are to improve the life of the Venezuelan people and reach a higher stage of growth. “It is time for great changes and that must move the priorities, the agenda, the way of doing politics, the way of acting,” he stressed.

In this sense, he stressed that among the instruments of the new stage of the Government are the map of solutions with the strategic lines to advance in 2022, and future years; the concrete action agenda of the bases; as well as the electronic Government, which includes the Homeland System to carry out consultations with the population.

“We are taking a big step to build the future, to go in the effective, efficient solution of the main issues of the life of our people,” said the president.

New Venezuelan social network

The Venezuelan head of state announced a new social network, developed by national entrepreneurs, with all the services for the interaction of the population and thus improve the action of the electronic Government.

“A special time and a special opportunity have come for Venezuela. It is time for great changes and that must move everything, the agenda, the way of doing politics and acting,” he said.

Days before, President Maduro assured that this social network will revolutionize the others, and will allow “reaching each family with a 21st century interaction.”