President Maduro highlights Venezuela’s struggle for a multipolar world | News

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted on Wednesday his country’s struggle for a multipolar and multicentric world in the framework of the farewell ceremony for the ambassadors of South Africa, Joseph Khehla, and Nicaragua, Yaosca Calderón Martín, held at the Simón Bolívar Hall of the Miraflores Palace.


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“Venezuela has been, is and will be the epicenter of the struggles for a new world, an egalitarian world, which can already be seen on the horizon,” stressed the president, who while recalling the historical anti-colonial and anti-imperialist struggle waged on our continent.

At the ceremony, the dignitary highlighted the excellent relations between Venezuela, South Africa and Nicaragua, nations that have rejected the aggression that Caracas has suffered from the United States (USA) and the European Union.

“We are a people who know how to give our hearts, we believe in a world of justice and equality, in the world for which the peoples of Nicaragua and South Africa fight tirelessly, a multipolar world,” stressed the Bolivarian president.

High-level meeting between Nicaragua and Venezuela

President Maduro announced that in the coming weeks the High-Level Joint Commission will be held, which will be based in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, and will address issues such as food production, energy, trade, and scientific cooperation, and will review various common projects with Russia. China, Turkey and India.

The Venezuelan president took advantage of the occasion to send greetings to his counterpart, Commander Daniel Ortega, to Vice President Rosario Murillo and to the Nicaraguan people.

“On behalf of our people, Government and personally, I congratulate you for the mission you have fulfilled in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” the president told Ambassador Yaosca Calderón Martín.

For his part, Calderón thanked the Venezuelan people “for welcoming me as one of their own” and highlighted the unity and friendship that exists between the nations of Nicaragua and Venezuela.

President Maduro announces visit to South Africa

The head of state ratified before the outgoing ambassador, Joseph Khehla, his positive decision to make a visit to South Africa by a Venezuelan high commission headed by President Nicolás Maduro Moros himself.

“The work of Ambassador Joseph, guiding the historical, cultural, political, economic relations between South Africa and Africa and Venezuela. Today Venezuela has the best relations we have ever had, with the brother Government and people of South Africa”, the president highlighted.

The president highlighted the role played by South Africa on the African continent while rejecting the aggression and conspiracies of Western powers that seek to “divide it to impose their interests.”

Likewise, the Venezuelan dignitary asserted that both nations have been developing investment projects in the fields of mining, the oil industry and for the increase of trade channels between the two economies.

“I arrived in Venezuela four years ago and I have witnessed how the ties of friendship and union between South Africa and Venezuela have not only expanded, but also strengthened and solidified. At the end of my official duties, I feel happy and honored to have participated in this process”, said Ambassador Kelha.