President Maduro highlights results of international tour of Eurasia and North Africa | News


President Nicolás Maduro arrived in Venezuela this Saturday, after completing an international tour that covered the nations of Türkiye, Algeria, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar and Azerbaijan and highlighted the results achieved in economic, financial and political matters, through the agreements signed with the rulers of the respective nations visited.


Keys to the Eurasian tour of President Nicolás Maduro

In statements after his arrival in Venezuela, President Maduro stressed that the international agenda was intense and its results successful for the economic and diplomatic interests of the South American country.

“I have seen that an awareness has been emerging of what a new humanity should be, without wars, cooperation and solidarity. That word that we carry is a word that has picked up the powerful echo of a new global geopolitics,” he added.

“We have had a very intense agenda, we have traveled throughout that area of ​​Eurasia and North Africa, developing in-depth conversations,” the president emphasized.

Dialogue with other heads of state is part of a multipolar humanity that is beginning to emerge, without empires or hegemonies. “There is a new consensus for human dignity,” she stressed.

In the world there is joy for Venezuela because it is perceived that it is recovering. He said that he received “the word of encouragement that the world accompanies the encouragement for a new non-rent economy.”

He stressed that the agreements reached in the six countries cover oil, agriculture, tourism, air transport and agreements on science and technology.

“We are going to send hundreds of young people to be trained in science and innovation in various countries,” he said.

He also maintained that “I want to send my greetings to our beloved people. I have been following the theme of the rains these 11 days, the 1×10 of the Good Government.”

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