President Maduro denounces Iván Duque for planning attacks against Venezuela | News

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced on Saturday that his Colombian counterpart, Iván Duque, ordered to deepen the attacks and acts of sabotage to
destabilize your country.


President Maduro highlights Venezuela’s struggle for a multipolar world

According to the Venezuelan president, President Iván Duque held a meeting with a right-wing extremist group in the country’s capital where he gave the order to deepen the actions against Venezuela.

The Venezuelan head of state pointed out that the target of the attacks and sabotage actions would be the electrical system, as well as the drinking water service of the South American country.

Faced with the complaint, Nicolás Maduro instructed the security forces and the working class to remain alert and protect the operation of public services.

President Maduro issued a warning to those who dare to continue their actions against the country in order to sabotage the process of recovery and economic growth that his country has been experiencing.

Nicolás Maduro called to take care of the stability and security of the country and stressed that the Venezuelan people showed that they want to build peace, progress, prosper and advance.

In turn, he called for joining efforts to consolidate a new era of expansion and consolidation of policies aimed at favoring the majority.