President Maduro and Gustavo Petro talk about restoring normality at the border | News


In a first contact, by telephone, since Gustavo Petro won the presidential elections in Colombia, President Nicolás Maduro extended this Wednesday a congratulations on behalf of the people of Venezuela to the leader of the alliance of the Historical Pact, with whom he also talked about the border issue.


President-elect of Colombia initiates contacts with Venezuela

In a tweet on his official account, President Maduro also indicated that he spoke with the Colombian president-elect on various issues of the bilateral relationship, in particular on the situation on the border between the two countries.

“I spoke with the elected president of Colombia @petrogustavo, and on behalf of the Venezuelan people, I congratulated him on his victory,” said the Venezuelan head of state.

“We discussed the willingness to restore normalcy at the borders, various issues about peace and the prosperous future of both peoples,” concluded President Maduro.

This same message was replicated on Instagram and Facebook accounts

Previously, the Colombian president-elect notified via Twitter about the contact with the Venezuelan government.

“I have communicated with the Venezuelan government to open the borders and restore the full exercise of human rights on the border,” Petro wrote.

The opening of the border is one of Petro’s campaign promises, who assured that, if elected, he would take that step.

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