President Fernández promises to counteract inflation in Argentina | News

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, specified this Tuesday that he will begin to work deeply to counteract inflation in a context where the consumer price index (CPI) for February is estimated at around four percent.


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“The war against inflation in Argentina begins on Friday,” declared the Argentine head of state, who also stated that “I hope that this week we can put order to the issue of the tremendous debt that we inherited with the Monetary Fund.”

According to Fernández, his government is “going to put an end to the speculators and we are going to put things in order.” Similarly, Alberto Fernández questioned the government management of President Mauricio Macri, whom the current president holds responsible for the inflationary crisis in Argentina.

“It is very difficult for us to recover from that inflation that left us without war and without a pandemic that preceded my mandate, that we thought we were beginning to solve during the two years that passed from the pandemic and now it is unleashed again with all the ferocity that exists in the world. world”, said the dignitary.

The president of Argentina remarked that “we are not ashamed to say that the State has to be present to bring justice where the market generates injustice.”

Finally, the president issued his impressions on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, stating that “wars in a globalized world cause disastrous effects far beyond the borders of the countries in conflict.”