President Cuban guarantees attention to those affected by the explosion | News


After ratifying his condolences to the families of the victims, the President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, stated that the Government will guarantee care for those affected by the explosion that occurred this Friday at the Hotel Saratoga in Havana.


The death toll from the explosion at the Hotel Saratoga in Havana, Cuba rises to more than 20

The dignitary asserted that there will be differentiated attention with the relatives of the people who lost their lives in this tragedy, because in addition to identifying the bodies, they will be supported in the funeral honors, and accompanied by the Cuban State at a time of so much pain.

The president also highlighted the care given to the injured in hospital centers and applauded the work of health personnel and rescuers, as well as the solidarity shown by the people with those affected, especially by the hundreds of voluntary blood donors who offered themselves. to support.

“There is a group of families affected, especially two buildings, so a repair plan is being prepared for these homes. First, evacuate these people to safe places, while the evaluation actions of the structures are carried out, ”said the president.

In this sense, Díaz-Canel Bermúdez noted that this plan seeks to repair the affected homes in the shortest time possible so that the affected families can return to their homes as soon as possible.

Regarding the Concepción Arenal elementary school, which is located in the vicinity of the Saratoga hotel and suffered damage to its structure, the president reported that measures were taken for the children to be relocated to other educational centers; and on Monday they are incorporated without their school year being affected.

Referring to the hotel, the also first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba detailed that after removing the rubble and carrying out the necessary work to reinforce the structure; The resulting situation will be evaluated to have a more exact idea of ​​the time that recovery may take, the amount of materials, the necessary force, among other issues.

Finally, the Cuban president assured that a rigorous investigation will be carried out to find out in detail the causes of the event; and then take the necessary measures so that something like this does not happen again.

This Friday at the Saratoga hotel in Havana there was a perceptible explosion several kilometers away, which has resulted in the unfortunate balance of 22 deaths (including a minor and a pregnant woman) and more than 70 injuries, so far.

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