President Argentine insists on not joining sanctions against Russia | News


The Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, again ruled out this Wednesday from Berlin, Germany, the possibility of joining coercive measures against Russia, as other Western countries have done, while calling on all those involved to stop the conflict in eastern Europe.


Sánchez receives in Spain the president. Argentinian Alberto Fernandez

Germany is the second leg of President Fernández’s European tour and the issue of anti-Russian sanctions was raised at the press conference after his meeting with the federal chancellor (head of government), Olaf Scholz, in which he stated: “the sanctions against Russia have negative repercussions for the whole world and also for Argentina”.

Fernández deplored the military conflict in Eastern Europe and, in this regard, pointed out: “I thought that the pandemic was going to change the world and that the leaders of the world were going to realize inequality. I never thought that an armed conflict would be unleash after the pandemic,” he said.

As an extension, Fernández pointed out that from Argentina we see with great concern the way in which the conflict has a negative impact” on the economy, said the president. “Energy security and food production are put at risk,” he considered.

Other topics discussed were the restructuring of Argentina’s debt with the International Montery Fund (IMF), whose last agreement was signed by Sholz.

“I am glad that Argentina has reached an agreement with the IMF with the new program. We celebrate the enormous efforts that are being made to implement this program.”

In response, Alberto Fernández indicated that “the agreement with the IMF was a necessary condition” to talk with Germany about other points of interest for both countries on these things and raised his “concern with the debt with the Paris Club.”

Both Alberto Fernández and Scholz agreed to revive an agreement between the European Union and Mercosur: “It is something of interest to both regions. There is progress and we are ready to achieve it”, said the German president.

The Argentine president said that “we are willing to accompany German companies in Argentina to overcome the obstacles” that they are having as a result of the inflationary crisis.

Fenández’s tour included Spain, where he met with the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez. One of the purposes of the visit is the relaunch of Argentina as a supplier of resources to Europe.

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